Meet our talented instructor line-up for 2019

Doug Silton, Gresham Oregon

We are blessed and pleased to have Doug Silton joining us at Swing Camp 2019.  Doug’s dance abilities no doubt span his entire life but his swing dance life has been running at full speed for twenty years.  He’s been teaching, competing and performing internationally since 1999; a professional swing dancer, instructor and choreographer to the stars.

Doug is a top Showcase competitor on the NASDE West Coast Swing tour, a three time American Lindy Hop and Blues Champion, a  two time World Swing Dance Champion AND, the only competitor to ever be a finalist in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and Carolina Shag in the same year at the US Open Swing Dance Championships.  In the street Latin world, Doug is a World Swing Dance Championships Salsa Champion and a Reno Dance Sensation Salsa Champion. His hard work led him into a spot in the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame (2015).

You may have seen Doug featured as a dancer in movies, on TV shows, and in commercials and music videos.  He works regularly with featured dancers and choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, and Live To Dance. Plus, Doug is often called on to judge swing dance competitions. His love of swing has translated to the creation of dance teams in Oregon and elsewhere including: Lindy Groove, Where’s Westie, WCS Rueda, West Seconds, Westie Woodstock, and the Lindy and Party Dance Convention (with Ben Morris).

At Swing Camp 2019, Doug will wear several hats and wear them well!  Along with his famous West Coast Swing classes that delight and amaze, Doug will introduce us to two new-to-us dance styles in Carolina Shag  and Balboa, natural companions to West Coast Swing and Lindy/Swing. He’ll definitely get us busy thinking about Musicality in our swing dancing AND maybe even find some time to give a few private lessons (get your request in early).

Most importantly, Doug comes to Swing Camp 2019 to share his love of social dancing and technique.  Doug makes his home happily in Gresham Oregon. To find out more about what Doug is up to check out

Doug Silton

For Swing Camp 2019, Doug will bring his many and varied swing dance talents and help us learn some a couple of related styles (Balboa, Carolina Shag) –  We can’t wait!

With a guy's best friend, Lizzy!

Kevin and Cristabel Savage, Victoria B.C.

Kevin and Christobel are Swing dance teachers extraordinaire and have introduced thousands to the wonderful world of Swing and Lindy Hop. It’s not a stretch to say that Swing dancing is in their BLOOD and they sure make it fun!

As founders and owners of the very popular Red Hot Swing in Victoria, this couple has boundless energy running several lessons a week, hosting a hugely successful weekly social Swing dance and often leading a performance swing team.

At Swing Camp 2019, K&C will run a lesson series that resembles a staircase.  What’s that you say, a staircase?  The lesson format takes non-dancers all the up to the level of a more advanced dancer throughout the weekend.  Steps you learn are built on previous ones and your confidence with Lindy Hop dancing builds quickly as you progress up the ladder rungs.

Classes are paced to the group and humour is key in all circumstances.  Kevin and Christobel bring wacky analogies and slapstick mimicry to reinforce their fun teaching style. Swing dancing has a very light-hearted character so if it’s funny you’ll remember it!

K&C want you, the dancer to be happy and healthy and feel that un-adulerated joy in your swing dancing. They’ll be focused on making your Lindy Hop experience at Swing Camp 2019 super memorable. How much fun will that be? Tons!

Kevin & Christabel